Friday, October 02, 2009

Do Good!


Peter said...

I know, you should do “Good”! I try to do a little, paying some (too small of course) monthly sums to some similar type of organisations. As I am “free”, there are days, when I tell myself that I should even participate actively and I went as far as proposing my services to one organisation... They made me kindly understand that maybe I had not the right competence profile and age, so I continue modestly a “passive activity”.

rauf said...

i watched two of four minute 19 seconds video and stopped.
It is shameful for any country's administration to seek or accept external help to provide the most basic amenity to its people.
i don't agree with this guy Claudia.

Claudia said...

Peter, if everybody was like you, the World would be a better place!

Principles are important, Rauf, and I agree that basic amenities are a universal and fundamental right and that it's a shame that not all administrations can provide them. But I admire this guy's desire to help, his dynamism, his ingenuity and what he has achieved through this campaign. For me it would be enough that a single person has secured access to clean water as a result of this initiative for it to have been worth it already.