Monday, October 19, 2009



First ever apple and autumn fruit fair at nearby Waddesdon Manor. Fun but nothing compared to Brogdale where we might return during the upcoming half-term break. Beautiful crisp weather.


Ruth said...

Yesterday was a first warm day in October - almost warm enough not to wear a jacket. I hung two loads of laundry on the line and relished it.

The fruits of these days are colorful and evocative. I see you have jack-o-lanterns too. I think Guy Fawkes Day is coming, as well as Halloween. We were in Scotland for Guy Fawkes day in 1980, our B&B hostess had to leave us and go hang his effigy from the tree.

João said...

Claudia, faz marmelada e geleia...Há um coelho frito dentro da abóbora, que tb podias tentar, acho que inclusivamente podias trocar o coelho por galinha do campo ( e não ofendes os british) :
Deixas secar bem uma abóbora redondinha.
Douras a galinha em pedaços com alho e tomilho.
Abres a abóbora ao meio, limpas de fios e pevides, deitas para lá a galinha e levas ao forno.
Usas a abóbora como acompanhamento para a galinha.

João said...

PS : lindas fotos, óptimo dia para caminhar.

rauf said...

i can't make it bigger Claudia, even in Flickr its the same size. i am half blind, can't see much here. i know the pictures are lovely.

October is unusually hot here, its like the return of summer. The sight of fruits flowers and vegetables is quite reassuring.

Peter said...

Each month has its charm, maybe with a qustion mark for November!