Friday, November 06, 2009

The Year of Yes

Tapestry of leaves

I wish I had said Yes!
When you asked me out to walk
among the leaves
the turning leaves
You were offering me
the sound of dreams,
And I turned you down

Not today, I smiled
Maybe, tomorrow?

But I wish I had said Yes!
I wish we had shared this light.

Next time don't ask
Just take me!
Order me to dress!

I am going to need your help
To begin the Year of Yes.

by Shaista Tayabali


Peter said...

YearS of YES would be even better! :-)

Shaista said...

Dear Claudia, thankyou so much for posting my poem on your blog - how is your Year of Yes beginning? :)
And I do agree with Peter - Years of Yes, please!
Autumn is still here... don't you wish we could skip right ahead to April?
But perhaps, perhaps something beautiful is awaiting us these winter months. I hope so!