Sunday, September 12, 2010

Childhood cancer

Childhood cancer is distressing beyond words. There's no sense to be made of it, no philosophical or theological considerations to ease the pain it causes in all who witness it close up, let alone in the poor child who experiences it and sees other children dying from it.

Nothing is as disturbing as a child's shattered innocence and nothing is as painful to experience as your own child's pain.

Poor Nia, who's been battling Leukaemia so bravely for so long. Poor Clara, who loves her so much and suffers with her every day.


Joy Palakkal said...

Childhood cancer is distressing beyond words.
Nice Blog!!!
With All Best Wishes!!

Trulyfool said...

The bravery many of these kids show. They're 'emblems' not only of our vulnerability, but of our best virtues -- compassion and courage.

rauf said...

i thought Nia is recovering and is back home Claudia. My friend lost his 5 year old son. i know what it is but this was ten years ago. and in India, not a developed country.
Nia has all the chances to get back to normal life with the help of present day technology and medicine.
Please don't worry Claudia

Peter said...

Yes, this must be a drama for the kids ... and often even more for the parents. Kids have a gift to support this kind of "fight" which often is surprising.
I went to see the Nia site; tough reading.

Claudia said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, Joy

Claudia said...

Truly Fool,

That is absolutely so. I admire them immensely and feel humble beyond all measure by their courage and compassion.

Claudia said...

Oh, rauf, Nia relapsed earlier this year and the second time around is so far even worse than the first... Each day that passes I doubt science and doctors more. They're just another religion that demands faith, and I find myself lacking in that department. I do worry, not that it makes any difference. I think I wouldn't be human if I didn't worry about the cancer that's eating away the life, happiness and innocence of a child whom I love so dearly. And I worry for Clara who loves her like a sister.

Claudia said...


It is a tragedy. And this particular case, Nia's, is especially close to my heart because Nia has been Clara's best friend since they were 4 years-old and they love each other like sisters. Nia's dad is American and Nia's mother is German. They only came to the UK in 2000 and don't have any family here, which hasn't helped during this devastating period in their lives.