Sunday, September 19, 2010

I shoud have


I should have sat there, bathing in blue light in that dark chapter house, losing myself in transcendent contemplation... Instead I just took photos and thought of light and angles. Foolish me, so many wasted opportunities to open myself to enlightment.


Salvador said...

Es un privilegio disfrutar de nuevo de tus fotos y de esa rebeldía contra la rutina insulsa de la vida que te hace variar los ángulos y la perspectiva para volver a descubrirla.

Tiene que ser una experiencia "casi religiosa" volver a descubrir la luz de la infancia en Lisboa después de vivir en unas latitudes como las de Inglaterra. Las fotos de Portugal de este verano están llenas de mimo y asombro porque como decía Rilke, nuestro único territorio (nuestra única patria) es la infancia.

En esta capilla del "Museu do Azulejo" la luz nos ilumina cuando estamos "simbólicamente" bajo tierra, como en aquella del pozo iniciático "da Quinta da Regaleira".

I'm glad for your return.

Ruth said...

I've done it too. It's hard to resist seeing and experiencing through a lens, what you feel in your heart is so beautiful, and will be so lovely in an image. There's something in me that wants to freeze it, save it, savor it. I agree that you should have. But I also feel, really, that I'm grateful you took the photo, because this is a transporting image. What a spot. Where is it?

Claudia said...

Tus palabras son muy simpaticas, Salvador, gracias! Estoy sorpresa y muy contenta que no tengas olvidado mi blog después de tan larga ausencia... Tu visita me honra mucho!

Claudia said...

It's in an ancient convent in Lisbon, Ruth. Now that I have taken the photo, I intend to go back alone and without the camera. Sometimes when I take carefully staged pictures, I'm building sets for future scripts.

rauf said...

you don't have to sit there Claudia. This beautiful picture with its serene setting is in your mind. You can sit anywhere with this picture in mind.

Claudia said...

So true rauf. There's something about that place, however, that is almost magical. Maybe it's the smell of ancient wood, stone and mortar, the coolness of the air, the silence or the angles of the shafts of light.