Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Musical chairs

Ana's Yamaha Pacifica 112V

After 6 months of electric guitar lessons, "Knockin' On Heaven's Door" is still the only thing Ana can play on the new and much desired Yamaha Pacifica 112v that she got as a reward for her outstanding academic performance this year. It's not that I don't like the tune, but I'd really appreciate something with a bit more oomph soon!

Like this.

I already even have the tambourine for Clara. And we all know the lyrics by heart.

After that, who knows... Perhaps this one day?

I should be so lucky!

Meanwhile Clara is sailing through her piano lessons and reveling in the joy of discovering her natural aptitude for music. After 18 months of lessons she already has quite a repertoire and her performances delight everyone, including Ana's teenage friends!

Learning music is important and being able to pour your heart out on a musical instrument can be such a consolation throughout life...

Afternoon reflection on my piano


Trulyfool said...


Want upbeat Beatles? Try this one.


(P.S. I've been equally inclined as a "Norwegian Wood" kind of guy)

Claudia said...

Excellent stuff, TF!

rauf said...

Norwegian wood is sitar Claudia.

Ana will pick it up if she likes. When i suggest some music to young people they gape at me. They have their preferences. My mother prayed for me and even called a faith healer when i was singing along with the Beatles on the radio. He said there is a devil in his room. When i came back home that night i found sandalwood paste, incense smoke and some small bottles hanging in my room to ward off evil spirits.

Perhaps Ana likes to spend more time with her school books which every parent dreams of.

Claudia said...

Oh dear, rauf, you had to be exorcised?! I'm glad you survived the ordeal!

Ana loves the Beatles. We listen to their CDs over and over again in the car when I'm driving and we know most of their songs by heart. I think she would really like to be able to play something of theirs but at the moment she's struggling to just learn the basics. Learning the guitar is good for her, she can't spend all of her time on facebook or with her nose buried in books.