Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Squaring a round summer

Portugal - Obidos, Alcobaça, Batalha

Lisbon Collage

Sintra Collage

Algarve Collage

Squaring a circle is impossible and I can only share a few chromatic impressions of a great summer in Portugal. I wish I could attach sounds (waves, church bells, laughter, songs, swallows, cicadas...), smells (river, sea, grilled fish, sunscreen, almond and carob trees, summer flowers, strong coffee...), and sensations (dry heat, soft breezes, sweet starry nights...) to better convey the overall feeling.

First square: Óbidos, Batalha, Alcobaça. Second square: Lisbon. Third square: Sintra. Fouth square: Algarve.

Looking forward to a beautiful, calm Autumn now.


Ruth said...

I see a lot of blue, and beauty, and also what can't be seen or heard or smelled in your gorgeous images. It must have been wonderful, and right. Now, we slow and head into candle time, a time I also love.

Claudia said...

Candle time! Oh, I love it! Time for tea and scones, toast with jam, hot chocolate. Cozy times. Thank you for commenting, Ruth. Your post today struck a string in me.

rauf said...

i thought i can click on individual images. Sad for me not for you Claudia bikkaas you have the whole thing in your yeddu

Claudia said...

rauf, I've got photos all over the place. Some are in Flick and some in Picasa. The collages are in Flickr but they have links for the actual photos in Picasa.

rauf said...

i go picassum then. i found the link to Flikr album and the currency converter. After robbing a foreign bank i know where to go to find out how much money i robbed.
Would you kindly puttees your Picasa link here ?

oh oh i read it again Claudia, sorry, i have to go to Flikr first and it has links to picasa. i got it. You know how intelligent i am. i think i don't have to use your currency converter afterall. i'll be caught in the bank itself

oh deeah i don't believe this. i wrote a comment on Ruth's Synchronicity post. The word verification i have to type here is SESSUM

i feel picassum is a better sounding name