Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Autumnal pixels

Autumn Kaleidoscope


Autumn Impression

Autumn Filigree

October kitchen windowsill

Fallen beauty

Gold Autumn Sky


rauf said...

i might get cold pronouncing Autumnal. Autumn is fine but Autumnal is very nasal. the red leaf is fabulous. Now you'll tell me it is not red. Only women know the difference between off white cream and ivory Claudia. When i asked my friend Mala if she receive a brown invitation, she was angry and corrected me that it was some kind of deep yellow and she named it and i forgot.

rauf said...

Autumn impression is fabulous. How do you pronounce AiDualC ?
I, dwell see ?
is it a new account on flickr ?

Claudia said...

Ha, rauf, my husband and I never agree on colours, used to have numerous discussions about it (we gave up now)! Funny thing is Ana sees them like he does and Clara sees them like I do.

AiDualC is Claudia turned around. I created the account three years ago when I stopped using the Claudia1967 one.

Ruth said...

Every picture is a poem, an autumn ode. Some look abstract, textured, like fabric. The complementary colors in the pumpkin and nasturtium image are spectacular, and they soothe me. The depth of the leaves photo is remarkable.


Claudia said...

Thank you, Ruth! I've been trying to write a real poem but it's proving to be hard, can't get to grips with meter and rhyme :(

Trulyfool said...


Just f***ing outstanding!

Your eye is magnificent.


Claudia said...

Wow! Thank you, Trulyfool.

rauf said...

My friend's son Benoy living in Kerala posted a few comments as yoneb, sounding Jewish, no profile, i check profile first before responding. i was wondering how he knows so much about kerala. in an exchange one day he said he wants to meet me. i said fine and gave him my phone number. When i saw him coming crossing the road waving both his hands like mad i was furious. After hugs and all i yelled at him for fooling me. Why he had to post comments under a different name. laughing at me he said he reversed his name and i couldn't figure it out. Benoy to Yoneb

Anonymous said...


Claudia said...

rauf, for a while I felt more like aidualC than Claudia. Not anymore.

Claudia said...

Ian, thank you!