Friday, October 08, 2010


Historic Highway, Autumn Study #1

Alsea Falls, Autumn Study #2

Falls Creek, Autumn Study #2
[Stunning] photos by Greg Lief

Autumn Daybreak

Cold wind of autumn, blowing loud
At dawn, a fortnight overdue,
Jostling the doors, and tearing through
My bedroom to rejoin the cloud,
I know—for I can hear the hiss
And scrape of leaves along the floor—
How may boughs, lashed bare by this,
Will rake the cluttered sky once more.
Tardy, and somewhat south of east,
The sun will rise at length, made known
More by the meagre light increased
Than by a disk in splendour shown;
When, having but to turn my head,
Through the stripped maple I shall see,
Bleak and remembered, patched with red,
The hill all summer hid from me.

-- Edna St. Vincent Millay --


Good morning!


rauf said...

oh truly breath taking Claudia.
its a funny coincidence that i commented on good morning in Ruth's current post.

Claudia said...

I saw it, rauf. I'm glad you agree that bridge should be femine. It's a all about connecting and conciliating.

Trulyfool said...


More Millay!

Her in arriving autumn, describing what she'll see.

Characterizing summer as the trick reality.


Claudia said...


At Willow's suggestion I am reading "Savage Beauty", Millay's biography by Nancy Milford. Mesmerizing character she was.