Friday, October 01, 2010

Growing Pains

And there she went, at 6 am on this rainy and dark morning, trailing a suitcase almost as big as she is, excited to be going on such a fantastic five day trip to France with her school but also a tiny bit scared to be away from me for more than a couple of days for the first time in her life.

I’m such a mother hen. I’ll feel totally dysfunctional while she’s away.


Anonymous said...

Imagino!!!!! She´s going to be fine and she´s going to love it:-)

And you´re going to be fine 2!!!

Miss U

Claudia said...

Mandou-me agora um sms a dizer que tinham chegado à pousada da juventude em Hardelot e que estava a adorar. Já tinham ido visitar o oceanário lá do sítio e só nisso foi-se uma das máquina fotográficas descartáveis inteirinha!!!

rauf said...

one of my cousins and her husband followed their daughter in the same train where she was going to Taj Mhel with her classmates. it seems she couldn't take it any more and threatened her parents that she would jump off the train if they don't leave her alone. but they continued following her from a distance much to her embarrassment.

now she is married and lives in Australia, forgot to ask her if she would do the same to her daughter.

My sister also is a bit over protective, had to fight for my niece many times on her school and college trips.

yes i think Clara is too young to travel without you Claudia. i understand your worry. Just picture her dragging the humongous suitcase and smile.

Claudia said...

I won't feel whole until she's home, rauf. She's so very tiny for her age...