Monday, October 25, 2010

Just a quick non-post

The kids are on their half-term break from school. No plans to travel anywhere. I'm remodelling Clara's room, have a lot on my mind and lots of work. I'm also in the thick of a very challenging personal project. Not much time to blog or leave meaningful comments on my favourite blogs (which I miss!) I vent my very little left-over energy in the kitchen, cooking with my girls. Yesterday was a TOTAL PIG-OUT DAY.

In the picture: Clara's scrumptious banana muffins and Ana's world's best chocolate brownies. Not in the picture: my spice and Port wine cake (it was still in the oven). Preps for Hubby's birthday party next week.


Ruth said...

Miss you too.

Here's to total pig-out days! Ana's and Clara's goodies look devourable, and I would like to pig into your Port wine cake too. Who needs anything but dessert?

Thanks for letting us know what's up!

Miguel Costa said...

Please come back soon!
I miss your posts!

And i can't say anything else... 'cos i've got hungry...after watching your post today ... have to go and get something to eat... :)

Can you send me your email? i would like to ask your permission to use some photos and some articles in Obvious.

I've sent you my contacts trough the email of this blog but i'm not sure you use it.

Trulyfool said...


I wondered. Now I know. Motherhood responsibilities!

Come back full force as soon as you can!


Peter said...

So the next post will show us your cake? :-)

Karen said...

I look forward to having you back soon - have missed your posts. Meanwhile these look absolutely scrumptious - it's a wonderful thing to have daughters who bake!

rauf said...

i was away too Claudia. Now i am no longer away.

i am no longer away ?

The Millstone is away. Please tell Clara to write a short story on 'the Millstone is away'

Can any one steal a Millstone ?
How can a Millstone be away ?

The neighbouring villagers can borrow the Millstone.

i am thinking of a good story here, Don't worry Claudia, i am not posting this comment from 'away'

'they'll put me away' says Norman Wisdom. Children would love watching 'a stitch in time' and 'on the beat' both Norman Wisdom movies.