Saturday, October 16, 2010

Plans for an October Weekend

Health Stories Book Two raking leaves

How to make a Jack-O'-Lantern


Ruth said...

Fun! Do you do it for Guy Fawkes day, or do you celebrate Halloween?

Don grew some HUMONGOUS pumpkins this year, and they are far to thick to even carve, except maybe with an electric saw . . .

I hope you'll show us the results.

Karen said...

I love the simplicity of those instructions! (And the absence of health & safety neurosis).

rauf said...

the Millstone header is artistic
millstone is hard labour.

i saw the humongous pumpkin in Ruth's farm. you have to roll it on the ground, can't carry it on the shoulder like Atlas.

i don't like the idea of Halloween Claudia. Wooster loves costume ball.
Some where i saw the guy telling the woman oh you are Cher ?
the woman says no, i am Cleopatra