Friday, October 08, 2010

Random snippets of thought and intention

I find it fascinating that so many people have such strong opinions about so many things. I myself can't proclaim an opinion to the four winds unless I feel I'm fairly well informed about all aspects of the matter in question, which is not always easy. Of course big-shot opinions can be bought by the yard and that's a powerful instrument in politics, management and finance but I'm not talking about these, I'm talking about the very opinionated average Joes and Janes that abound in internet forums and blogs, cafés and cafeterias, shop queues and school gates. Fascinating.

The Danube is the the least blue river I know. Should somebody write a Red Danube waltz now that it's tainted with Hungarian mercury and arsenic?

Really happy to see the Nobel Prize in Physics go to a 36 year old who works at Manchester University. Graphene promises to revolutionize technology, and the fact that it's only one atom thick is absolutely mind blowing. I have no idea who the guy who won the Peace Prize but I'm glad he did, just to annoy China. Will write about Mario Vargas Lllosa soon (I hope to see Antonio Lobo Antunes receive the Nobel Prize in Literature soon).

Proud and excited that a state-of-the-art medical research centre in the fields of cancer and neuroscience has been inaugurated in Lisbon this week. It's called the Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown and I mean to put together a post about it (and the wonderful building that houses it, designed by Mumbai architect Charles Correa, who studied architecture at Michigan University). I have huge personal and professional admiration for Leonor Beleza, the president of the Champalimaud Foundation.

Blogging is an interactive experience. If you don't want to interact, you write a diary and keep it to yourself or you preach autistically to passersby. Knowing who reads you is important for most bloggers, which is why commenting, even if sporadically, is a courtesy much appreciated in blog visitors. I hate Google Reader because whoever visits me through it leaves no trace whatsover (unless they are gracious enough to leave a comment every now and then).

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G Gilbert said...

I came across your blog through BlogSurfer. I totally agree with your post. I hate sharing my opinions because of fear of insulting or angering someone.

Btw, your photos are incredible and I will soon be adding you as a contact.

Claudia said...

Thank you G Gilbert. Some of the autumn photos I posted today aren't mine, as you may have noticed in the credits under them.

Welcome to my blog!

Trulyfool said...


I was extremely glad you took up your blog and have been entering wonderful photos and smart, gentle ideas.

With my ongoing yak, not seldom tinged with over-self-esteem, I felt entering comments as I do might get intrusive and annoying.

I know what you mean about the 'lookie loo' nature of the anonymous. A few people seem to come back to my blog on a 'regular' basis, but I only 'know' maybe 5.

It's possible that this is one more feature of our human 'internal living'. So much of our thinking goes on without others aware of it?


João said...

I am a your choice of imagery and your own keen photography.
I always find your opinions fresh and personal altough I sometimes disagree with them - the Nobel for Lobe Antunes ?! gimme a break...
Here in Portugal there was some talk about some advances in "engenharia dos materiais" made at Universidade Nova and Instituto Superior Técnico but they didn't seem to materialize in real living comercialized things, or it's just me not knowing...
Europe needs desperatly breakthroughs, political and social ones, but also scientific ones to keep us afloat and save hope for us europeans but also for all people around the world that looks to Europe as a place of human well being and development.
Please keep posting, Claudia.

Claudia said...


I cherish your comments!

Claudia said...


I always like it when you find the time to comment!

rauf said...

Everybody has opinions Claudia. A person who is not opinionated has no mind of his own. Expressing them is a personal choice. i'll be popular if i say what my friends want to hear and keep my opinions to myself.
i'll be like a priest on the pulpit who is lying all the time.

Claudia said...

Yes, rauf, everybody has strong opinions about something. It's bewildering to me, however, that so many people seem to have and voice very strong opinions about just about everything.