Thursday, October 07, 2010


Now here's a nice place to go for a retreat and get in touch with both nature and your inner self!  This house on the hills of Fafe, Portugal, is built in and between four huge boulders, blending in quite nicely with the landscape. It has a distinctive prehistoric feel to it, in spite of its front door, roof, and selection of windows.  The interior is very rustic, with a lot of unpolished wood and no electricity. The project dates back to the 1970's and was inspired by The Flintstones!   

Photo by Feliciano Guimaraes

Photo by Feliciano Guimaraes

Such a pity that it's now sorrounded by giant wind turbines. Definitely looses some of its charm.


João said...

Wilma !!!!!

Claudia said...

Hehehehe Fred!

Dá uma volta maior quando fores a Travancinha e passa por lá.

Ruth said...

Hahaha, I loved that show. Did you know it just turned 50?

Oh, I love wind turbines, but it is sad they are right there by this stone house I think.

I love this house, I remember finding it a while back and sent it to rauf.

Trulyfool said...


'Gaudí' flavor?


Claudia said...

Ruth, apparently there was a piece about this house in the NYTimes during the summer and then it went viral during August this year. The house has been there since 1974 and it just became famous now!

Wind turbines can be quite hipnotic. This summer I really enjoyed contemplating immense eolic farms of these giants at work (lots of them in Portugal and Spain). Strangely fascinating.

Claudia said...


Perhaps Gaudi was influenced by prehistoric dolmens...