Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Spot on, Polly!

"So how easy will it be for Alan Johnson, the new shadow chancellor, to lay out a credible picture of what Labour would do? A lot easier than if Cameron had been less rash. Johnson needs to puncture the coalition's one great success: the big lie that blames Labour for the global crash, turns private sector catastrophe into the public sector's fault, and makes welfare claimants – not bankers – the ones who broke the economy. As thousands lose jobs in the next year, the postman who left school at 16 may make multimillionaire Osborne squirm to recall the day he called life on the dole 'a lifestyle choice'."

-- Polly Toynbee --


João said...

Spot on, Claudia !
We must get rid of the myth of the never ending growth and other lies that have been fed into us in the last decades.
There is a war going on and the same side is winning since forever...

Claudia said...

Growth and wealth are vital. They shouldn't be achieved at the expense of the weakest and must vulnerable members of society, though.

I'm all for the implementation of an updated version of the Tobin Tax - have been since the mid 90's. It finally looks like that idea is beginning to be taken seriously among global finance regulators. I'm glad to see you interested in ATTAC and The Robin Hood Tax.

rauf said...

i tried to understand what you wrote by reading the comments.

i Failed.

What a dimwit i am Claudia, the whole thing just sailed over my head.

Let me try to be a bit intelligent. i am thinking. i can think you know ?

i think (goodness me, i am really thinking) in another 50 years we will not have any countries or governments. The whole world will be run by corporates. It has started already. When a country is run by a profit making government it becomes a corporate.

is that any good Claudia ?

Claudia said...

The whole world is already being run by corporates, rauf, although countries and governments exist and will go on existing. When there's a lot of money going around, the agenda addresses social issues because it looks good and it makes it easier for everybody; but when money starts running short social welfare goes to the bottom of the list of priorities.

Trulyfool said...


This is marvelous! I'm woefully uninstructed about British politics, yet this whole string of arguments laid out sounds like 'the American scene'!

Hey -- and I've been refusing to listen to the cacophony of political slanders layered on public ears like fat wurst on a thin cracker!

This is the version put out by [fill in the term -- it's no longer 'capitalist'; that would be the Marxist label, but something that's morphed from that image of the 'Captain of Industry'].

It's the gambling faction of these Economistics that played fast and loose, heady with what they thought was an escape velocity not even light could catch up to.

This is all so ugly; I'm ashamed FOR them!


Claudia said...

Oh the "scene" is definitely global, TF!