Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Turning things around

I scream, you scream.., originally uploaded by balsamia.


João said...

I'm glad.

Claudia said...

I get by with a little help from my friends :-)

rauf said...

oh you remember Ringo ?
Funny clip Claudia. more than that its a sigh of relief, i kept checking many times today. sister had an eye surgery. i was with her.
everything is fine. she was sent home in a couple of hours.

i see the scream on the plate. Actually i never liked the painting. And it was given publicity by having it stolen twice was it ? (one of my conspiracy theories Claudia, pardon me)

Claudia said...

You are one of the kindest and sharpest people I know, rauf. I hope your sister recovers quickly and that all will be well soon. Please check email.

Trulyfool said...


The Branit film. Meant to be tender. Perhaps how inventive an imagination can work. Perhaps how one's love can imprint another's mind, neurologically, when love can make no other entry?

Gave me the creeps. Film artists do have to face the technology they've been given, and this one works slick.

It worries me that even love can take on the feel of 'dystopia'


Claudia said...


But I see no dystopia here, just a beautiful sci-fi love story...

Also, perhaps because of my IT background, I get kick out of this sort of technology display.