Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Why I love engineering

The Chilean miners rescue operation has been a success on all fronts! It is a triumph of good management, international cooperation and - most of all - engineering! Today is a happy day.

photo: AP


Ruth said...

What incredible, happy news!! I heard it first from you. Thank you for being the bearer of such great good tidings. It's just unbelievable, and I can't wait to hear their tales.

rauf said...

Happy ending. Everybody loves happy endings. i love happy ending too Claudia.

Trulyfool said...


For my mental health, I simply avoid as much 'breaking news' and 'top issues of the day' as I can.

The miner story hit my radar; it was unusual enough, and something I classified as a legitimate 'human interest' story worth hearing about.

The real surprise, for me, was that once I ripvanwinkled awake yesterday, B told me that they had gotten some guys out.

I said: "That was a couple of weeks ago!" She said: "Months."

Unbelievable! This is very good news.


Karen said...

Happy indeed! My daughter in Edinburgh, watching the rescue operation, texted me to say that someone on Twitter had just pointed out how ironic it was that it was Thatcher's birthday and the world was watching the rescue of miners! Sadly, the spectre of Thatcher is looming large at the moment with the cuts to welfare, benefits and next week higher education ... But 3 cheers for the miners' safe rescue.

Anonymous said...

nice post bravo

Claudia said...


That is certainly a coincidence full of irony. Hadn't thought of it (but then again, why would I ever remember Thatcher's birthday?)!

With the deeply worrying changes in university funding and tuition fees that are looming in the horizon, I'm almost dreading the time when my eldest goes away to university in three years. She's a straight A student and is aiming to get into a top university to get a degree in biochemistry or biomedical engineering but it looks like these will all be almost prohibitively expensive in a couple of years' time.