Thursday, November 04, 2010

"Argh!," she cries out it frustration!

Still so exasperatingly true! But now, women also go out to work. And if they wait for their dear "better half" to do anything around the house or help with the kids, they'd all be living in a pigsty and the kids would be bullies, junkies and flunking every subject at school. And you can't pay your way out of this.


rauf said...

good. shouting AAAARRRGH helps to burn calories. helps to stay fit.

have to type temistr Claudia, rhymes with 'hey mister' which comes out of anger

Ruth said...

Also helps to relieve the tension.

Problem is, women also help maintain the status quo. I hear about too many women who complain, but they keep doing all the cooking and cleaning up, etc. It might work to do a boycott, like the African tribeswomen who wouldn't sleep with their husbands until they stopped the war with neighboring tribes. Sadly, that's the only negotiation a lot of men pay attention to.

Trulyfool said...


Should I earn some credit here? B and I work, and we work strange schedules.

She cooks 'for us both', pays the mortgage, cleans the cat box, takes care of 'the grounds' and pays the gardener.

It seems like I do everything else: the other 25 monthly/quarterly bills, anything to do with the cars, anything to do with insurance, anything to do with helping our grown daughter's financial 'extras', researching buying installing fixing any electronic gizmos.

I also sweep floors and do (virtually all) dish-washing, daily. And because of the odd schedules, I often 'do' my own food. Make beds. Clean bathrooms.

Who wouldn't want a 'wife'?

Trulyfool, 'Modern Man'

Peter said...

Things may not have radically changed, but at least this kind of book would be impossible to publish today! :-)
Have a nice we without too much of vacuum cleaning!

Karen at Pas Grand-Chose said...

This is sadly true - it's a case of 'plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose' for madame la menagere. Though this past year I've managed to negotiate a fairer distribution of domestic responsibilities, it's been an awfully long time coming, and somehow the default option remains that the ultimate responsibility for holding it all together is the woman's.