Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Smoke and mirrors

It's raining a lot

Smoke and mirrors, smoke and mirrors.
Perhaps the rain will make everything clearer.


Ruth said...

The image is just gorgeous, like an Impressionist painting. I know that is a cliché by now, but it's only because we love their work, for its great beauty.

Sometimes we want things less clear, sometimes more. Both can be beautiful, and true.

João said...

bom dia !

a chuva limpa o ar e quando subimos a uma elevação conseguimos ver até onde a vista alcança...

willow said...

It does look very much like a painting. Wonderful, your smoke and mirrors!

rauf said...

Ruth said it. strokes of Van Gogh.
Mind is clouded most of the time Claudia. We need occasional shock which brings clarity.

Went to sleep early today and i realised i did not check Claudia's blog. and here you are !
All fine i hope.

oh deah ! i have to type ungent.
ungentlemanly ? i read the comment again. After five years of knowing me i think you can forgive me for my stupid comments Claudia.
i need rain.